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Moving Tips Before the Move


The Firemen Movers Prescott are the strongest, fastest, and most reliable movers in the quad city area. With the owners combined 20 years of moving, packing, and customer service experience, we pride ourselves in getting the job done quickly and smoothly, to ensure a stress-free environment for our customers. Local jobs are priced by the hour, and it is our goal to get you moved and ready to start your life in your new residence as fast as humanly possible. We take no breaks, we run when our hands aren’t full, and hold our employee’s to high expectations. We flat out hustle to save our customers money. Here are some tips before the move that will help you save even more money on moving day.

  • Ensure that all loose valuables on shelves are packed in boxes

  • Put clothing that are hanging in the closet into boxes

  • Make sure boxes that are packed are sealed with tape

  • Pack away all loose items in cabinets into boxes

  • Ensure that all fragile and breakable items are wrapped in paper or bubble wrap inside the boxes to prevent breakage

  • Leave drawers in the dressers (the extra weight is not an issue to lift and it is easier to pack in the truck with the drawers left in place)

  • Any pieces of furniture that require disassembly can be taken apart beforehand to speed up the move

The suggestions above are not required for every move, however it is strongly recommended to save our customers money. 


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